Education and Training

We provide an integrated approach to education, training and care.

Our ethos is on a strong commitment to education and vocational attainment and we offer young people a truly holistic service. Our non-exclusion policy also ensures all young people are afforded the opportunity to acquire the skills and qualifications to thrive and achieve their full potential. The staff take a caring, nurturing and individualised approach to each pupil attending Priority Childcare Education.

We understand that the pupils we work with have had, in most cases, an unstable challenging time in previous education. We identify this and focus on engaging the pupils as the main aim endeavouring to re-engage them in mainstream education.

We adapt the ‘Cornerstones’ curriculum, which is driven by experiences and engagement to learning. We differentiate the level of work needed for each individual, utilising ‘Cornerstones’ as the backbone for the schemes of work and thematic approach, which we find, is most engaging and conducive for the learning experience of our pupils.

We operate AGORED CYMRU as the main accreditation for our learners post 14 with certain individuals working towards GCSE accreditation and foundation qualifications. We tailor the delivery methods and levels of education relevant to the individual’s abilities, likes/dislikes, SEN and pathway they wish to pursue.