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Hello, and a warm welcome to our website. I hope that by visiting this site you will gain an understanding of the work that is carried out at Priority Childcare Schools; the achievements made by our pupils, and our vision, aims and values.

 Priority Childcare specialises in working with young people whose complex needs and challenging behaviour require a supporting independent specialist school provision in order to achieve positive outcomes.

We aim to enable young people to feel safe and secure with learning experiences delivered by experienced staff and in an environment that helps them come to terms with their emotional psychological and physical needs.

We are an accredited provider with Agored Cymru and have a training centre delivering vocational qualifications.

Our pupils are likely to have experienced developmental trauma in their lives. They will have felt abandoned, abused, scared and unloved at critical points in their lives. Not only will that impact upon their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development, it is likely that they will have lost their ability to trust in adults and lost trust in their own ability to deal with the challenges life brings. However, it is through trusting relationships that children feel safe, secure and cared for that they can begin to overcome these difficulties and move forward to achieve their academic potential.  Our schools aim to equip pupils with essential problem solving and coping skills, providing the cognitive foundation and confidence to succeed more fully in learning and work.

While this website provides a lot of interesting information, it is no substitute for a visit to our services. We welcome you to spend some time in our beautiful grounds in order to gain a better understanding of what it feels like to be a member of our community.

Very best wishes,

Lucy Pottinger

Director of Education

Our School


All pupils have individual education plans which reflect their needs and their statement / EHCP objectives. The plan ensures that learning is consistent for each child, building on their existing skills and with clearly stated learning objectives as they prepare for future pathways. These plans are shared with all stakeholders.

If pupils have additional language needs extra provision is provided as required.

For information regarding the particulars to the right, please contact:

Chairperson of the Board of Governors:

Lucy Pottinger, Director of Education


The following information is available on request:

  • Particulars of academic performance during the preceding school year, including the results of any public examinations;
  • Number of staff employed at the school
    (including temporary staff and a summary of their qualifications)
  • Any formal complaints received
  • Education and welfare provision for pupils with statements, and for pupils for whom English or Welsh is an additional language.

To read our Orbis Education offering, click the link below:

Orbis Education & Care Education Offering


Mission and aims.

“Focused on the future”

Aims of the school;

  • To assist pupils in celebrating and respecting their ability, race, religion, colour, culture, gender and community for life in a diverse society.
  • To provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum which encourages each pupil to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding in preparation for making positive contributions in society and the world of work.
  • Endeavour to encourage each pupil to reach their full potential whilst developing and raising their self esteem.
  • Preparing and encouraging pupils to have an intrinsic focus on their future.
School Inspection Reports

Please click on the links below to view our Inspection Reports:

Ty Trafle Estyn Inspection Report

Ty Trafle Annual Monitoring Inspection Report


Priority Childcare Education promotes care and respect whilst aiming to achieve the highest possible standard of education relevant to the abilities of its pupils.

We recognise that pupils who attend PCE exhibit a wide range of both emotional and educational needs, which by their very nature can impinge negatively upon their progress.

The aim is always to provide them with the highest quality provision, which is enriched by a range of planned activities and experiences to enhance learning and personal development so that all young people:

  • Become successful learners, who enjoy learning, making progress and achieving great things.
  • Endeavour to become confident individuals who are able to live a safe, healthy and fulfilling life.
  • Are active and responsible citizens.
  • Achieve standards which are relative to their abilities and assist in bridging the gap between pupils underachieving and disengaging.
  • Develop functional skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT.
  • Develop self-worth and raise self-esteem.
  • Encompass life skills, and access to the local community (where suitable) to develop appropriate social skills and enable students to have a fulfilling learning experience relative to their needs.
  • Receive an education which is relevant to their specific targets and ‘needs’ ensuring the level they are working towards is suitable for their abilities.
  • Improve behaviour and approach to learning.

Trafle School Curriculum policy 2023-2024


School Address:

Tŷ Trafle School

14 Victoria Road,



SA4 3AB.

 Head Teacher: Sarah Collett

07872 832848


Orbis Education and Care

Vision Court

Caxton Place



CF23 8HA

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Board of Governors:

Chair of Governors: Lucy Pottinger

Vision Court

Caxton Place



CF23 8HA

02920 029922

Term Dates

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